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H-P parts 1051 to 1100

Part Number Description Make Model
RB1-9001-000 PAPER GUIDE TRAY 2 HP4000 H-P HP-4000
RB1-9374-000 TRAY PAPER STOP HP4050 H-P HP-4050
RB1-9526-000 ROLLER TRAY 1 LJ8100/CLJ8500 H-P HP-8100
RB1-9807-000 Filter Large Air CLJ8500/8550 H-P HP-8500
RB1-9808-000 Filter Small Air CLJ8500/8550 H-P HP-8500
RB1-9836-000 CHARCOAL FILTER HP 8550 H-P  
RB2-0222-00 ITD GUIDE HPLJ8550 H-P HP-8550
RB2-0445-020 Lever Flapper CLJ4500 H-P  
RB2-0545-000 Shaft Paper Pick CLJ4500 H-P  
RB2-0561-000 Clutch One way H-P HP-4500
RB2-0572-000 Clutch One way H-P HP-4500
RB2-0576-000 Lever Sensor H-P HP-4500
RB2-0717-000 Roller MP PickUp Col L/Jet 4500 H-P  
RB2-0744-000 Roller (Holder) MP Tray CLJ4500 H-P HP-4500
RB2-0916-000 Cover Connector H-P HP-4500
RB2-0964-000 CAP TONER FLAP HP4500 H-P  
RB2-1158-000 Bushing ITB Left (S/N xxG... & below) H-P HP-4500
RB2-1215-000 Tray Extension H-P HP-4500
RB2-1224-000 Cover Connector H-P HP-4500
RB2-1282-000 Filter Air (Large) H-P HP-4500
RB2-1283-000 Filter Air (Small) H-P HP-4500
RB2-1284-000 Rod Delivery H-P HP-4500
RB2-1361-000 Handle ITB Drawer CLJ4500 H-P HP-4500
RB2-1407-000 Paper Guide Pickup CLJ4500 H-P HP-4500
RB2-1556-000 Strap Cover Support H-P HP-4500
RB2-1572-000 Cover Plate H-P HP-4500
RB2-1821-000 Roller Pickup Tray 2 LJ5000 H-P  
RB2-1821-020 USE RB2-1821-000 H-P HP-5100DTN
RB2-2387-000 REATINING ARM TRAY 1 LJ4000 H-P HP-4000
RB2-2835-000 SEPERATION PAD (Tray 1) LJ2100 H-P  
RB2-2838-000 Holder (for Seperation Pad) LJ2100 H-P  
RB2-2842-000 LEVER PAPER SENSOR LJ2100 H-P HP-2100
RB2-2843-000 TORSION SPRING HP2500 H-P HP-2500
RB2-2850-000 BUSH LJ2100TN H-P  
RB2-2891-000 Roller Pickup (Trays 2/3?) LJ2100 H-P  
RB2-2893-000 Drive Shaft Pick up Roller HP-2200 H-P HP-2200
RB2-2900-000 Pickup Roller (MP Tray) LJ2100 H-P  
RB2-3008-000 Sep Pad (Trays 2/3?) LJ2100 H-P  
RB2-3484-000 Roller Feed (500 Sht Feeder) LJ2200 H-P HP-2200
RB2-4026-000 Roller Pick Up (LJ1100)/Feed (250sht Feeder) H-P  
RB2-5185-000 Bushing ITB Left (S/N xxH... & above) H-P HP-4500
RB2-5654-000 Hinge front cover HP LJ 9000DN H-P HP - 9000DN
RB2-5660-000 COVER TOP LEFT HP9000 H-P HP-9000DN
RB2-5690-000 FACE UP TRAY HP9000 H-P HP-9000DN
RB2-6035-000 SENSOR FLAG HPLJ9040/50 H-P HP-9040N
RB2-6036-000 SENSOR FLAG HP9040/50 H-P HP-9040N
RB2-6037-000 SENSOR FLAG HP9040/50 H-P HP-9040N
RB2-6302-000 Roller Feed LJ2200 H-P HP-2200

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